Tuesday December 13: Daniel Carter + Federico Ughi

8.00pm Free Improv Workshop with Daniel Carter
9.30pm Show with guests Daniel Carter & Federico Ughi + The DOM Band
+ MC Black Rainbow & DJ Bubba Q (mystery guests)

About Daniel Carter —”If the world ever does truly silence for a moment please, the first sounds I would want to hear are the ones that Daniel Carter chooses, because I know that true democracy is deep in his essence”

The Wire Magazine – (UK): You’ve played with some rock guys like Thurston Moore, and with Yo La Tengo – and there’s the Ghost Moth stuff with Todd Brooks, which is electronic. Do you like that mixture of styles? Daniel Carter: I was just crying the blues to somebody last night that I wish, I hope, you know, before I have to, like, go out the exit door, you know, that I would be able to be in a group that had strong influences of Schoenberg, Anton Webern, Bach, Indian music, African, rock, hardcore punk, jazz, Noise – but in a synthesis. Not like a dish-rag synthesis but a really vital thing where each one of those kinds of influences emerges when that particular influence can do something that the others can’t – Full Article in ‘The Wire’ Magazine
Daniel Carter MP3s (scroll down)

Federico Ughi is characteristically splendid, his drums serving as much more than a rhythmic undercurrent…” Steven Loewy, Cadence Magazine

Federico Ughi’s music infuses the New York avant garde sound with a sense of melody inspired by the Italian classical and folk traditions of his childhood in Rome. Ornette Coleman has been a major influence for Federico as well as a mentor.

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