Tuesday February 25: Marateck and The Miz’ries

Join us for our first Livestock Exchange of the year, with MARATECK and THE MIZ’RIES!


Drawing on math rock, postminimalism, and free jazz, Marateck creates music that is simultaneously angular, emotional, virtuosic and aggressive. Formed in 2013, the group consists of Brendon Randall-Myers (Grains), Jesse Kranzler (WITT), and Jason Burger.
http://grains.bandcamp.com/  – http://witt.bandcamp.com/

Electro-Kraut noise band, The Miz’ries: uber-americo noise nerd Quinn Collins plays broken records on a turntable with crazy effects, mad genius inventor Jeff Snyder plays his own analog synth creation whilst Neuseelander songstress Leila Adu sings and plays electronic drum pads… They’ve been described as “a noise band that plays 3-minute pop songs”, and as “the music that plays in the club the bad guys hang out in”.

With love from Livestock Exchange Krew

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